24/7 Printing: The Perks & Processes at B Squared

Here at B Squared, we strive to express value to our clients by making our services available around the clock. Rooted in the city that never sleeps, our business is true to its NYC tagline—providing digital printing services and graphic design expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why is this important to YOU? What are the benefits of working with an easily accessible, diligent, and highly productive print company? (We think the perks speak for themselves.) Here’s why we’ve decided to offer our services 24/7—and, more importantly, how our approach positively impacts your project’s timeline.


With plenty to do and so little time during your workday, the last thing you want is static from your print provider when you finally have a free minute to contact them. The majority of print projects are time sensitive; one day can mark the difference between a completed project and a late one.

With around-the-clock access to B Squared reps through our phone line, there’s no need to rush to contact us during regular business hours. You’re on a tight schedule—we understand and respect that. We’re here to assist you at your convenience and on your watch.

Give us a call: We’re here to help you morning, noon, and night.


Our 24/7 accessibility makes the impossible possible. Upcoming expo that you forgot to prepare brochures or signage for? Impromptu presentation that your execs are expecting at the end of the week? No matter what calls for a last-minute print project, our operations allow you to pitch your ideas anytime. When there’s not a moment to waste, we’re just a call away from getting started on your project.

Working in the printing industry, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. Deadlines change. Designs need updating. New ideas come to the forefront. While last-minute adjustments to your project may not be possible for 9-to-5 printers, B Squared is armed and ready to accept changes at a moment’s notice.

Beyond project changes, we’re always accessible for customer feedback. If you’d like to address a concern with your product or inquire about our full scope of services, there’s no need to await an email reply or hold off until the next business day. Pick up the phone and call us: We’ll have a B Squared representative chatting with you in no time.


We’ll hit the ground running with your project the moment you get in touch with us. From start to finish, the development and production of your project never rests: not for weekends, nights, or holidays. We maintain an efficient pace to ensure that your deadline is hit and your expectations are met. It’s no wonder why we boast such excellent turnaround times—your work is constantly in motion and being tended to by our print experts.


It’s a rare but nonetheless valid concern: Are my project and company information safe with B Squared? Our headquarters is monitored at every hour, meaning your projects will always be supervised, as will your details and information. You can rest easy knowing that your creative property is protected and that your project materials are constantly accounted for.

What’s Not to Love?

Access to 24/7 printing can secure tremendous benefits for you and your company, especially if you’re frequently in need of promotional products, conference materials, or projects on short notice. Around-the-clock operations lead to better accessibility, quicker turnaround times, and a happier you.

We’d love to take on your next print project. Interested in working with us? Let’s get in touch.