3 Things Custom Packaging Can Do for Your Business

You know the phrase: Never judge a book by its cover. But we tend to judge that cover anyway, don’t we? After all, it offers us a glimpse at what goodness awaits inside. If a cover does its job well, that book will make its way out of the library in our hands.

Your product packaging is like a book cover—we’re talking boxes, bags, shippers and mailers. Like it or not, your customers and clients are going to judge the legitimacy and quality of your products based on the way you present them. Packaging has the potential to make a strong impression well before it’s torn open; customizing it to suit your brand can encourage a positive reception of you as a company.

With the right amount of time and effort, you can elevate your packaging materials from rags to riches. A box is capable of more than just getting your product from point A to point B: An effective design can communicate a thousand (positive!) words about your brand.

Here are three biggest benefits of using custom packaging for your products.

Solidifies Your Branding

Custom packaging does one thing really well: It shares your brand with prospects and customers. If you’re confident in your name and image as a business, custom packaging can voice that conviction for you. Your design can help customers better understand who you are and what you stand for.

To deliver this message consistently, any packaging you use should proudly feature your company logo. All other bells and whistles of your design should coincide with predetermined brand guidelines. You’ll want to factor in the practicality of your packaging materials, too. If you aren’t a company that ships products on a regular basis, skip the boxes and consider eco-friendly tote bags instead. Whatever you choose to store and ship your products in, make sure people notice it’s you who packaged it.

Sets the Bar High

You can improve the entire buyer experience by rewarding their anticipation with super-cool custom packaging. There’s no better feeling than when a long-awaited order finally arrives at your doorstep: Take it to the next level by mailing it in a box that will wow them.Subscription-based delivered services such as BirchBox and FabFitFun thrive in part because of their iconic shipment boxes. Take it from them—that extra touch can go a long way. Branded packaging shows that you’re willing to go above and beyond to provide a quality customer experience from start to finish.

Protects Your Products

Who’s the best resource to determine what kind of packaging is best for your product? You are.

Nobody knows your products better than you do. By designing custom packaging that is specific to your product type, you can guarantee the security of what’s inside. Nailing down the proper sizing, padding, and shape of your boxes can help protect the goods throughout the shipping process.

There’s nothing more disappointing than opening an order to find that it’s been damaged. While these incidents aren’t entirely preventable, having a say in how your items are packaged and processed is an excellent way to mitigate that risk.

But Is Custom Packaging Worth It?

Investing in custom packaging might run you a pretty penny. If you’re on the fence about whether or not the payoff is worth it for your business, we hope the arguments above will sway you.

Circling back to our previous points, your clients are going to appreciate attention to detail. Custom packaging is a thrill to receive and tempting to show off, which makes it a subtle marketing tool for your brand. Happy customers share your packaging with family and friends, influencers tear into them in unboxing videos, and social media stories showcase your beautiful creations.

In short, you’ve worked hard to create a fantastic product for your customer base—let your packaging set the tone for what’s inside!B Squared can get you on the right track with your custom packaging and fulfillment, from branding and design elements to production. Send awesome boxes out into the great big world—all it takes is a call to get started!