5 Ways Print Media Can Leverage Your Marketing Campaign

In this dominantly digital world, does print media have a place in your marketing campaign? The answer is yes.

We’re more than just biased here at B Squared—we can back up our bold claim with some statistics. According to Alliance Business Services, 92% of young shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions, and more than half of all consumers find print marketing more credible than digital advertisements.

There are plenty of ways that an effective print media campaign can benefit a modern business (and its target audience). When technology dominates a prospect’s attention, print serves as a secret weapon that can help your company stand out and rise above the competition. Venture back to the roots of marketing, and take a closer look at some of the pros of print media.

Invoking the Senses

Sure, touch screens overstimulate our eyes and thumbs, but print media wins the war. Consider the differences between experiencing a pop-up ad online versus receiving a magazine in the mail. Which one is likely to engage a prospect for longer and with more senses in play?

Where online ads come and go with the click of an “X,” magazines provide genuine interaction—which equates to more time spent with your brand. The flipping of pages, the smell of ink and gloss, exclusive promotional inserts, and more can be used as tools to tempt your prospects into further engagement.

Sensory branding increases a campaign’s success rate, says Martin Lindstrom in his 2005 research novel. Get innovative with your print media and take advantage of features that digital ads cannot incorporate, such as textures, finishes, foils, and tear-outs.

Shelf Life

Out of sight, out of mind—such is the worst case for marketing materials, digital and print alike. However, print media is more likely to accumulate and resurface than digital marketing. Magazines can find homes on countertops, lobby tables, and desks, whereas promotional emails get buried in an inbox or sent to spam. Brochures can promote your business for years to come, whereas a pop-up ad can be cancelled or blocked in seconds.

The longevity of print advertisements is preferable and more cost effective for businesses with evergreen messages. Even if your branding evolves, the tangibility and shelf life of print media has the potential to attract old and new customers.

True Engagement

Online shopping experiences tend to oversaturate websurfers with retargeting ads, pesky pop-ups, and flashy lingo that isn’t always honest. As such, many consumers are desensitized and distrusting, so they’re more likely to skim past that online advertisement you worked so hard (and spent so much) on. Because users are bombarded by these digital messages, they’ve stopped noticing ads right under their noses (or have simply begun blocking them).

In contrast, print media is a welcome break from the norm and has the potential to capture the undivided attention of your target audience—a feat that’s difficult for digital marketing campaigns to achieve. Without the distractions of competing ads, social media feeds, and full email inboxes, print marketing materials are able to capture your audience’s attention and bring your message into focus.

Driving Traffic from Paper to Screen

Print and digital advertising are two sides of the same coin. Your ultimate goal is to boost brand awareness and convert prospects. Thus, integrating both forms of advertising can help you capitalize on your campaign efforts. Print media serves as an excellent vehicle for driving prospects to your online presence. Include promo codes for your website, invite them to sign up for rewards cards, and feature your social media handles and hashtags throughout your print ad.

By providing these leads, you continue the chain of interaction. Your print media can entice prospects to view your website or follow your social media pages by including a call to action. This could be as simple as including a phrase like “SHOP ONLINE” or as creative as a continuation of your print ad onto your site.


Consumers who frequently shop online are incredibly cautious and skeptical. With an influx of suspicious vendors, phishing emails, and staged product reviews, it’s difficult for shoppers to discern whether or not an e-commerce site is credible. Despite your good intentions and captivating marketing campaigns, a tentative prospect is unlikely to do business with you until trust is earned.

One way to achieve this is by providing print marketing to complement and validate your online presence. Print demonstrates value, effort, and stability to your prospects, making them more likely to trust your digital storefront. With tangible advertisements, your business is more likely to gain the upper hand over competitors whose integrity depends on their digital marketing presence alone.

Starting Your Print Marketing Campaign

Now that the benefits of print media are clear, what’s the first step in getting your print marketing campaign on its feet? From business cards and brochures to postcards, pamphlets, and other promotional materials, B Squared is the printer that never sleeps—contact us today to learn more.