Become Unforgettable with Soft-Touch Finishes

What does it take to become unforgettable? Most companies believe that profound accomplishments or world-changing impact will allow them to stay top of mind among their customers. And they’re certainly right.

But thankfully for the majority of us, those aren’t the only options—there are easier ways to get noticed. Sometimes, the finer details—like the touch and feel of your business cards—can leave the biggest impression.

Creating printed materials that your customers will actually keep around is one of the best ways that you can get noticed in the printing industry. The ability to captivate your target audience with the look and feel of your promotional pieces can do wonders for garnering interest in your business and brand.

A simple way to accomplish this is to take advantage of soft-touch printing. Soft-touch finishes create memorable, elegant results and can transform any ordinary printed product into something worth treasuring.

Lamination vs. Coating

By applying soft-touch finishes, you can easily improve the quality of any project. The soft-touch finish can be achieved in two ways: either as a laminate film or a coating. Which method you choose depends on the effect that you’re aiming to achieve. Let’s consider each one.


The soft-touch lamination process uses a bi-oriented polypropylene film, or BOPP, which provides a special tactile finish, a soft texture, and a matte look. This film is an excellent choice for laminating face bound covers, book jackets, luxury packaging, and products requiring any type of post-lamination enhancement. A laminate finish provides a consistent texture across the entire surface of the product, giving it a firm and durable feel.


Unlike soft-touch laminate, coatings are applied in liquid form after the printing process. When this thin layer of coating dries up, a velvet-like texture is left behind that adds a luxurious look and feel to the material. Soft-touch coating is an attractive option for print products that are handled more frequently, such as postcards, business cards, invitations, catalogs, and greeting cards for the upcoming holiday season.

Leave a Lasting Impression

When we are born, touch is one of the first senses to develop, and it remains emotionally central throughout our lives. As simple as it may sound, the physical feel of an object has the power to leave a lasting impression on us. A product with a soft-touch texture shows your attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication, and it’s an excellent way to set yourself apart as a company.

By overlaying your printed material with a fingerprint-resistant matte texture, you can create a unique feel that distinguishes your product from a sea of generic print. This is accomplished without compromising the print or design of the product while adding an attractive no-shine look.

The Longer, the Better

Another benefit of a soft-touch finish is the longevity it adds to materials that are exposed to either the coating or laminating process. Having to constantly replace your heavily used printed assets can add up to significant costs in the long run. This expense can be significantly reduced, or avoided altogether, with soft-touch finishes.

Soft-touch coating also preserves the aesthetic features of your product. While the soft-touch coating tends to mute darker colors, it does not yellow the print over time. On the other hand, the low-luster surface of laminate provides a scratch-resistant durability. This is beneficial for products that are more susceptible to scratches, preserving your printed material and allowing you to reuse it many times.

Saving Prints and the Planet

As more companies look to minimize their reliance on harmful resources and strengthen their reputation with customers, they are turning to environmentally friendly choices in print finishing. In addition to giving your printed materials a luxurious look and feel, soft-touch coating is also environmentally friendly because it can be easily recycled. Water-based coatings are also an eco-friendly alternative compared to traditional oil-based solutions and can help reduce atmospheric pollution.

All of this means that you don’t have to create products at the expense of the planet. Instead, you can support environmentally sustainable practices while operating a successful business.

A Soft Touch Goes a Long Way

Whether you’re printing new brochures for your next corporate event or want slick business cards to hand out to potential customers, soft-touch finishes allow you to have a powerful impact on your audience with minimal effort.

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to get you started with the design and printing process. We provide a variety of products and can consult with you and your team to identify the best options for your industry and target audience.