Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Customers

The best marketing strategies encourage interaction with a company’s brand. One of the most effective tactics is offering promotional items for customers and prospects to enjoy. This can include free swag to distribute at expos or events, exclusive gifts for your most loyal customers, or merchandise for your representatives and top fans to purchase.

Where to begin? It’s no surprise that promotional products are a popular marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes and industry types. A number of factors come together to determine the best approach for your company. With a well-informed buyer persona, an active knowledge of your current customers, and the right budget to get the job done, you can ensure that your products reflect a perfect balance of practicality, creativity, and timelessness.

Stumped? We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips for making the most of your promotional products.


This is the golden rule of promotional products: Keep them practical. Creativity is never a bad thing, but knowing when it’s appropriate can make or break your portfolio. In an effort to make your product unique, steer clear of items that are of little to no use to your recipient. A teddy bear wearing a “Your Company Here” T-shirt is cute at best. Depending on your target market and branding, a novelty item isn’t going to do its job—you want your item to serve its purpose for the customer and promote your brand image at the same time.

Put some careful thought into targeting your market properly. A promotional product exists to be seen, so you’ll want to make it an active part of your customer’s daily life. Here are just a few examples of ideas that are both inventive and useful:

  • A small, branded notepad that can live on their work desk.
  • A reusable bottle that will frequent the water cooler.
  • A travel kit for grab-and-go use.

Your Product’s Lifespan

Some promotional products are creative… yet they’re also disposable. Everybody loves a dinner mint that’s stamped with your company logo, but how long does that really last? Creating something with a substantial shelf life boosts its potential to promote your product for years to come.

Pens are excessively used as promotional items, but it’s for a good reason: They’re universally practical, long-lasting, portable and easy to produce. Your promo pen doesn’t have to be the same as every other. Think outside the box to come up with creative ways to set your design apart. Have your pen write in your brand’s signature color as opposed to in black or blue. Equip it with a comfort grip. Make it weighted for an added sense of elegance and quality. These modifications are simple yet effective, helping your pen stand out from the junk drawer.

Trendy vs. Timeless

Just like fashion, there’s a great benefit to balancing your portfolio with timeless and trendy pieces. Think about the PopSockets trend that’s taking the world by storm. Those who are capitalizing on its popularity have struck gold; however, there’s sure to be a new fad in a year or two that’ll smother the PopSocket hype. Keeping in tune with commercial trends can help you leverage your promotional strategy at the right place and time.

You’ll want your short-term trendy items to complement long-term ones. Consider some promotional items you’ve acquired personally. You might not even know where they came from or how long you’ve owned them. The point is that they’ve found a home with you. These are timeless promotional products, like a drinking glass, a pen, or a snow brush. Dig through your own inventory of promo products for an honest look at which items are likely to stay with your prospects and customers.

Need Promo Products?

That’s where we come in. B Squared can create business promotional items that your clients are sure to love. We’ll help identify the best products for your target market and budget to ensure that your expectations are met. Ready to get started? Let’s connect.