Customized Print Products for Law Firms

Your team deals with more than the occasional business card when it comes to print materials. From the courtroom to marketing events and internal meetings, your law firm needs a well-rounded collection of print products to present the most professional materials possible in every situation.

Here at B Squared, we work with many different law firms on a variety of print needs. To help other firms identify what print they need or could upgrade, we’ve put together this post outlining the various services and products that we provide (and that our law firm clients love!).

24/7 Digital Printing

Have a last-minute change to tomorrow’s deposition presentation? Need more business cards for an event that starts in a few days? We’re here to help! When we say we’ll have you covered any hour of the day, we literally mean it. As New Yorkers, we know that sometimes you need a project done fast and efficiently. We created our 24/7 digital printing services to make sure you have what you need for every meeting or court day, no matter how last-minute the project is.

Large Format Printing

Give your office the wow factor with customized, high-quality adhesive graphics that showcase your name in the big, bold letters you’ve always dreamed of. We also provide event signage, tradeshow displays, vinyl banners, posters, and more. Whether you need a professional in-court display for your next trial or internal posters for the office, we have a solution to fit.

Our experts are familiar with almost every type of large format project out there—and if we’ve never done it, we’ll definitely give it a shot. No idea is too big for us to look into!

Marketing Materials

Law firms have unique needs when it comes to marketing materials. Many times, your team needs something that’s relevant to the courtroom but that still allows you to showcase your professionalism and organization. We understand these unique needs of law firms and have experience getting the right product for the right setting. Some of our most popular marketing materials for law firms include:

  • Brochures,
  • Presentation boards,
  • Courtroom materials (presentation books, folders, notepads, etc.),
  • Client mailings, and
  • Announcements.

Graphic Design

Does your logo need an upgrade, or are you looking for different graphics for various pieces? We have expert graphic designers on hand who work specifically with print projects for law firms, and we know how to make sure your design transfers from screen to paper flawlessly.

Whether you’re a novice or expert in graphic design, we’ll make sure to walk you through the entire process. From brainstorming ideas to the final product, you’ll oversee our creative efforts to make sure we’re staying on brand and showcasing your firm the way you imagined it. We always make changes to the design as needed so that you walk away with the perfect piece to wow your clients.

Custom Promotional Products

The last thing you should be doing with a prospective client is digging through your drawers for the beat up, old spiral-bound notebook you’ve always used to take notes. You’d much rather have a branded notepad (and pen) within arm’s reach for any note-taking needs. This is also a great time to hand your client or prospective client their very own notepad to keep your law firm top of mind.

For promotional products, the sky is truly the limit. If you want your law firm’s name on it, we can make it happen. We understand that promotional products are not universal, even for law firms, and we want to make sure you get the perfect product for your clients and prospects.

Interested in learning more about the print products and services we offer to law firms? Contact one of our experts today to get started on your next project. No matter the time of day or idea in mind, we have the drive and experience to get it done.