Grow Your Brand with Environmentally Friendly Print Products

There’s no question that climate change is a hot topic. But we’re more informed today than we were a decade ago about this serious issue. And that means we’re better equipped to do our part to slow the effects of this global crisis.

Entire businesses, not just individuals, are changing many of their practices to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Clients and customers want to support businesses that care about our planet and its health; if a business isn’t actively working to become more sustainable, they can quickly lose out to environmentally conscious companies.

One Nelson report found that “[c]ustomers prefer working with and supporting environmentally sustainable companies.” While this means that businesses may need to invest money in changing their current practices, this presents a creative opportunity for growth and differentiation. The same report suggests that consumer demand for sustainability can be embedded into your company strategy as a whole, giving you more in the pipeline of what you produce and sell.

This brings us to print marketing. How can you continue to produce print marketing products for customers when print has traditionally been viewed as a less environmentally friendly form of marketing?

The truth is that things have changed in the industry—exponentially. Print is no stranger to the sustainability movement and has found many ways to demonstrate to print marketing consumers that it can be sustainable and environmentally friendly in ways they may have never thought of before.

Sustainable Print Marketing

Partnering with an environmentally conscious print company is the first step in building a more sustainable print marketing strategy. Print is a cost-effective and efficient way to market to customers in a variety of industries, each with its own strategy and touch points. Your customers will love to see you partnering with companies that are adopting more sustainable business practices.

Statistically speaking, 73% of consumers say they will happily change their consumption habits to reduce their environmental impact. So, if they’re given the option, these customers will choose environmentally friendly print products over others. Sales statistics have shown that consumers are committed to these sustainable purchases.

With this in mind, it’s become extremely important to openly demonstrate that your brand is conscious of the current global crisis and is taking concrete steps to reduce its environmental impact. With the right print partner who uses sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, your print marketing can continue as a part of your business strategy and drive higher profits by bringing in consumers who believe in your cause.

Environmentally Friendly Changes

If you’re unsure of where to start, there are many ways you can transform your print marketing strategy to be more sustainable. Recycling is a big one—many of us do it in our homes, but you can do the same at your business. While recycling benefits the environment by reducing paper waste, it also happens to be profitable—there are many government grants and financial benefits for going green, not to mention the improved brand reputation that comes with it.

An environmentally friendly printing company can recycle ink, paper, metal plates, and other materials, and then pass those savings on to you. All of this is easily done without sacrificing the quality of the print products you’re used to getting.

Sustainable print companies are now opting for cleaner ink that’s low in volatile organic compounds (VOC), or even using VOC-free inks and coatings to reduce their carbon footprint. VOCs are known for participating in atmospheric photochemical reactions—meaning they evaporate easily and contribute to climate change.

Becoming more energy efficient is another key component of sustainability. An environmentally conscious print company will abide by regulations and standards to continue monitoring and improving how it utilizes energy. With consistent monitoring, print companies can reduce unnecessary costs and redirect resources to where they’re needed most, once again trickling the savings down to their customers. 

Partner with Us

At B Squared, environmentally conscious print production is at the foundation of our brand and beliefs. We know that it’s part of our social responsibility to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and help our customers to do so as well.

Reach out to us today—we’d love to chat with you and your team about our sustainable practices and to show how our cost-effective strategies can pass the savings down to you. With the right processes and sustainable production methods, print marketing can continue to be an effective part of your marketing strategy for decades to come.