Top 4 Print Products for Your Trade Show

Let’s face it: Trade shows are exhausting, both for attendees and organizers. There are many businesses and usually not enough space to leisurely stroll through and find what you’re looking for. While you may not be able to change the nature of a trade show, you can at least put your business on the forefront of visitors’ minds with the right products and swag.

We’ve compiled our top four print products you need at every trade show to put your business’s best foot forward, along with some advice on how to use them to get the most out of your purchase. Some of these categories may have more than one product, which gives you the opportunity to be creative and decide what works best for your vision.

Booth Displays

Having an inviting and telling booth display is a definite priority when planning your trade show setup. While you want to impress visitors, you also want to be sure you’re not over-stimulating them. Giant balloons, spinning gadgets, and a plethora of products can sometimes have the opposite effect, with visitors walking right past you. Be precise with what you bring; make sure it presents your brand in the way you’ve envisioned it without overdoing things.

Pop-up displays and table runners are two very common products. Pop-up displays can vary widely in size, from the entire length of your booth to just a simple vertical design. Table runners are usually simple, showcasing your brand colors and a specialized logo that’s front and center. Using both of these products can attract visitors’ attention in just the right ways, and they can be uniquely customized to showcase your brand’s culture.


It’s especially important that you have the right literature for your visitors to read if you want them to remember you and your brand once they leave. You want people to get a general idea of what you do and what solutions you can provide to them, as well as provide some information on your office location and hours (if applicable) and multiple contact options: email, phone, website, etc.

Some of the most popular literature types include small brochures and bound packets (for larger volumes of content). Be wary of visitors who are only there to collect materials. You can lay out a few pieces of literature on your table for visitors to peruse, but don’t hand them out to every person who reaches for one.

Branded Swag

Everybody loves swag! And while that’s usually the case, some swag might go straight into the trash. It’s painful to see your hard work go unappreciated like this, especially when you’ve paid for it. Make sure to note your target audience’s persona when selecting the right swag. Low-quality, gimmicky swag can actually shed a negative light on your business for its lack of creativity and apparent cheapness. We’re here to help when you’re on the hunt for great, low-cost swag.

Because swag is so popular, finding creative and unique items to give away can give you a leg up on the competition. One particularly appealing option is a pizza cutter—your brand and logo will be prominently displayed each time the user goes to prepare home-made pizza, making it a great re-targeting piece. Water bottles are also a great option—there’s no harm in having an extra one on hand, and people will see your logo each time it’s used. Unfortunately, these options can get a little pricey, so they’re best kept behind the booth to bring out for those special visitors you consider to be true leads for your business.

Thank You Cards

At the end of a long trade show day, you (hopefully) have a long list of leads to follow up on. You’re tired and overworked, but this is a crucial time to follow up quickly and with the right message.

You’d be surprised by how much people appreciate a handwritten thank-you card. When a lead gets a handwritten note from whichever of your representatives they met at the trade show, it not only sparks their memory of your conversation but also reminds them of your business and the solutions that you offer. Thank-you cards are going to be a smaller print order, so that’s where short-run digital printing comes in. The world is your oyster when it comes to design and print style. Plan to have your thank-you cards in the mail no less than 48 hours after the trade show ends, so that the event and your interaction with them is still fresh in their minds.

Getting Started

Need a few (or all) of these items for your next trade show or event? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to get you started on the design and printing process. We provide a variety of trade show products and can consult with you and your team to identify the best options for your industry and target audience.