Your 2020 Print Marketing Resolutions

As another impressive year of marketing draws to a close, endless potential awaits on the horizon. Take a moment to reflect on your marketing strategies in 2019: Was it a year of success, struggle, or a healthy balance of both?

The dawn of 2020 should fill you with optimism and anticipation. It’s out with the old and in with the new—including many of the trends and technologies you’ve just adapted to. Look ahead, and you’ll see that the marketing scene is continuously evolving. What can you do to keep up?

We’ll debunk a big myth for you right off the bat: Print marketing is far from finished. In fact, 2019 saw a revival of “old school” approaches, from printed newsletters and direct mail campaigns to lookbooks and personalized posters. You may have already noticed that an overabundance of digital media is desensitizing modern audiences. They’re welcoming a throwback—and that’s where print comes into play.

In case you haven’t settled on a New Year’s resolution yet, we’ve selected a few for you. They get straight to the point of what you need to consider as you strategize for marketing your brand and business in 2020.

Think bigger.

We challenge you to find ways to introduce large- and wide-format printing to your marketing strategy. This print format is most popular for events, trade shows, meetings, and any other opportunities where you get to pitch to a large audience. If you want to shine and stand apart from your competition, there’s no better way to attract the right eyes than with a bold display.

Consider pushing past your comfort zone and tapping into new marketing opportunities. Have you tried using signs or storefront banners to attract business from the outside? Is there an upcoming event that your company could participate in? Find the right places to host your 2020 marketing efforts, and come prepared with large-format print materials—you’ll be sure to wow your target market.

Think better.

Maybe large-scale printing isn’t your thing. If you’re finding success with your current line of print marketing products, we encourage you to reevaluate the quality of your materials. There’s no limit to what you can upgrade, and these small yet effective changes won’t go unnoticed.

You should begin with the paper or base material itself. The density, texture, cut, and finish of your print can affect its overall look. From there, you can experiment with specialty options such as ink types, metallic finishes, or foil stamping. You can even weatherproof your print materials to prevent color fading and water damage. Elevate your portfolio from good to great with attention to detail.

Even if you aren’t interested in altering your product types, it never hurts to ensure that your content is up to date. When’s the last time you updated your brochure copy? What about your brand colors or logo? If you’re reinventing your look and messaging, don’t neglect updating your printed materials to match your new and improved branding.

Think outside the box.

… or on the box itself, actually. You can elevate your promotional efforts with custom packaging. Whether you’re a frequent product-shipper or only use packaging every now and then, you can sharpen your competitive edge by weaving your brand into every element of a deliverable.

Print marketing doesn’t start and stop with paper. From garments to promotional products, you can spread the word about your business and build brand recognition in many innovative ways. Introducing a new product type to your preexisting roster of marketing materials keeps your brand current, creative, and top of mind. Your clients and customers will thank you!

Plan ahead.

Don’t wait until the ball drops to kick off your new print marketing strategy. Get ahead of the competition by planning your new projects in advance. Be sure to keep your print provider in the loop—we’re eager to help you get started!

B Squared can help you tackle your New Year’s resolutions with confidence. We can produce a line of print marketing materials that’ll help you ring in 2020 with excellence. Get started on your new strategy.